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ILLUCO Corporation Ltd, hereby warrants that IDS-series purchased directly from ILLUCO corporation Ltd. Headquartered in Gunpo, South Korea, will be free factory defects in material and workmanship for the period of time stated below, subject to certain limitations. 

Our warranty policy 

This warranty is not transferable and covers replacement parts only. This warranty does not cover any consequential damages or business loss.

General exclusions

General exclusions from this warranty shall include any failures caused by

a. Installation of parts, attachments or accessories that are not original to the unit or genuine IDS-3100 parts. (aftermarket attachments such as battery, LEDs and etc)

b. Abnormal strain, neglect or abuse.

c. Lack of proper maintenance.

d. Accident or collision damage.

e. Changing or altering factory settings without consulting with an authorized technician.

f. Damage or malfunctions resulting from natural calamity, freezing, theft, accident, vandalism, abuse due to misapplication and/or improper site conditions.

Specific exclusions

Items not covered under warranty include:

a. Parts replaced due to normal wear or routine maintenance including but not limited to battery, LEDs, protect glass and etc.

b. Consumable or wearing items requiring replacement as part of normal operation including but not limited to battery and protect glass.

c. Any transportation or travel costs.

d. Reimbursement for rental units while repairing warranty items.

Customer’s responsibility 

Under this warranty, the customer’s responsibility shall be to:

a. Operate and maintain the device as specified in the instructions manual.

b. Give notice to authorized distributor or ILLUCO of apparent defects within seven (7) days after discovery.

c. Provide proof of purchase, purchase date and serial number of the warranty items.

d. Make the unit available for inspection and repairs at distributor’s place or service center. If shipped, transit costs should be pre-paid.

For warranty service request, please e-mail to info@illuco.co.kr or call +82 70 4922 7441.

ILLUCO Corporation Ltd. recommends that you read the user manual and in particular the troubleshooting section.

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Tel : +82 31 429 8825 / +82 70 4922 7441  (international)
Fax : +82 31 429 8826 E-mail : info@illuco.co.kr