Optical Filter

An optical filter is an optical component that selectively transmits light in a specific range of wavelengths, namely colors, and absorbs the rest. Generally, an optical filter selectively transmits only long (longpass filter) or short wavelengths (shortpass filter), or blocks both long and short wavelengths through a wavelength band (bandpass filter).

Optical filters are used in cameras, various optical instruments, and color stage illumination, and in astronomy to limit the light transmitted to the spectral band of interest, and are essential in fluorescence applications such as fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. 

ILUCO produces a wide range of filters ranging from simple color glass filters to narrow bandpass filters with high strength coatings.

ND Filter / Neutral Density Filter
ND Filter / Neutral Density Filter
IR Filter
Infra Red Cut/Pass
UV Filter
Ultra Violet Cut/Pass
Visible Filter
Visible ray Cut/Pass
Band Pass Filter
Defined spectrum pass, rest cut
Notch Filter
Defined spectrum cut, rest pass
Color Glass Filter
Using the material's inherent transmission and absorption characteristics
Polarization Filter
Polarized light in a specific state pass, rest cut
ND Filter (Neutral Density Filter)
Lowers transmission of the defined spectrum

Technical Specification
Surface Quality
40-20 ~ 0-0
Clear Aperture
Coating specification
Coating Meterial
MgF2, AL2O3, Ti3O5, SiO2, Al, HfO2, Ta2O5, Au, Ag, Cr, Ni, etc

Various Optical Filters
Various Optical Filters
Color Photos Filters
Color Photos Filters
Lens Filter (UV, Circular, Polarizer and ND)
Lens Filter (UV, Circular, Polarizer and ND)
Optical Filters
Optical Filters