Optical Coating

Optical coatings improve the quality of optical components by reflecting, directing or filtering light, preventing light reflection, and protecting the surface of the lens.

ILLUCO produces from the simple anti-reflection coating that reduces unwanted reflections from surfaces commonly used in glasses and photographic lenses, and the high reflector coatings commonly used to make mirrors that reflect more than 99% of the reflected light to more complex optical coatings, for example, a dichroic thin film which produces high reflectivity at a certain range of wavelengths and antireflectivity at other ranges.

Optical Coating
Optical Coating
Ion Beam Sputtering Coating (IBS Coating)
Broadband AR Coating (BBAR)
Narrow Bandpass Coating
Anti – fog Coating
Laser Coatings
Metallic Mirror Coatings
Hard Coating
Scratch-proof AR coatings
Easy-to-clean coatings
Band pass Coating, Color coating, Visible coating, UV coating, IR coating, Beamsplitter Coating, etc.

Technical Specification
Surface Quality
40-20 ~ 0-0
Clear Aperture
Coating specification
Coating Material
MgF2, AL2O3, Ti3O5, SiO2, Al, HfO2, Ta2O5, Au, Ag, Cr, Ni, etc

Beam Splitter Cube BBAR Coating
Beam Splitter Cube BBAR Coating
Ultra broadband Dielectric Mirror BB.1 Coating (Broad band Coating)
Ultra broadband Dielectric Mirror BB.1 Coating (Broad band Coating)