Different skin conditions can be checked by appropriate 

Light options & Magnification.                                                        

The 4 different light options of IDS-3100 [MAGNUM UV+] will help you             

to develop and enhance your diagnostic skills

UV Light: 395 & 405nm [MAGNUM UV+]
UV Light: 395 & 405nm [MAGNUM UV+]

UV Light Skin Examination [Wood's Light]

IDS-3100 has 3 options in UV light. 

  • a. 4 x 405nm UV LED
  • b. 2 x 395nm UV LED
  • c. [2 x 395nm] + [4 x 405nm] UV LED

UV Light skin examination is used for Detection of 

  • bacterial or fungal skin infections,
  • pigmented & hypo-pigmented skin lesions incl. melisma and vitiligo
  • determining the location of the melanin pigment (epidermis & dermis)

IDS-3100 is a new concept of UV Light Magnifier that compensates the inconvenience of conventional wood's lamp. Moreover, its high power UV LED and specially designed lens coating present excellent UV fluorescence image.

White Light Skin Examination

IDS-3100 has 2 options in White light. 

  • a. Cross polarized light (polarized light)
  • b. Parallel polarized light (non-polarized light)

Cross polarized light skin examination is used for detection of 

  • actinic keratosis,
  • non-melanoma skin cancers, and
  • melanoma

by reducing the reflection of the skin surface. It allows a quick examination of pigmented skin lesions prior to precise analysis using a dermatoscope. 

White Light: Cross & Parallel Polarization [MAGNUM UV+]
White Light: Cross & Parallel Polarization [MAGNUM UV+]

Presents excellent visual acuity

IDS-3100 [MAGNUM UV+] is designed to perform its designated functions with high level quality. 

  • Specially designed aspherical lens reduces spherical and optical aberrations and presents clear image with min. distortion
  • In addition, specially disigned lens coatings make the object seen through the lens look more accurate and clear. 
Distortion comparison [MAGNUM UV+]
Distortion comparison [MAGNUM UV+]
Skin examination magnifier IDS-3100 [MAGNUM UV+]
Skin examination magnifier IDS-3100 [MAGNUM UV+]

Designed with your comfort in mind

  • 100MM large field of view
  • Effective focal length and working distance

               working distance (eye to lens): 90 ~ 150mm

               focal length (lens to skin): 65 ~ 150mm

              The effective distance between "eye to lens" and "lens to skin" make your work  

               more easy and comfortable.

  • 3 level of brightness
  • Automatic shutdown after 5 min.

Remarkable Features

  • 2.5 x Magnification
  • 100mm large field of view.
  • 300g light weight: easy to handle.
  • Nano Hybrid Hard Coating enhances UV transmittance and lens protection, and prevent contamination and scratches.
  • Aspherical lens minimizes distortion and improves visual acuity.
  • Automatic shut down after 5 minutes idle run
  • Easy store and charging (charging station)


  • Dermatology
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Esthetics
  • Vitiligo
  • Milium
  • Acne pigmentation
  • Sebum
  • Actinic Keratosis, Squamous cell carcinoma (PDD)
  • Pityriasis versicolor
  • Capillary
  • Pigmented & Hypo-pigmented skin lesions
  • Cutaneous fungal, Bacterial infection
  • Skin inflammation

Technical Specifications
Polarization Mode
Parallel & Cross
UV Mode395nm & 405nm
Magnification2.5 x
Field of View100 mm
Weight370 g
LensAspherical lens
ExaminationBinocular Examination
Resolution23 LP
CoatingAR Coating
DistortionUnder 3%
LED64 x White LEDs / 6 x UV LEDs
Intensity of IlluminatonSMD type 3,500 ~ 4,000 Lux
Brightness Control3 leves
LED life100,000 hours
Power SupplyRechargeable / 3,400mAh
Sleep Mode5 mins after not in use
Charging MethodMicro USB 5 pin or Charging Cradle
Charging Time8.5 hours
Continuous Duty Time2.5 ~ 4 hours

Skin Examination Images [IDS-3100 MAGNUM UV+]