ILLUCO CO., LTD. Manages various optical parts such as lenses, prisms, filters and mirrors from design to processing and production based on 20 years experience and know-how accumulated in optical field and advanced technology. Furthermore, we have high-quality coating technology.

Based on this technology, ILLUCO was founded in September 2015 and after a one year development period, in July 2016 launched IDS-1100 Dermatoscopy. We are currently selling dermatoscopes manufactured in Korea with our own technology in more than 30 countries and launched IDS-3100 (MAGNUM +) in May, 2018. Magnum+ is the first one that has four functions in one device. We can say we have developed the most convenient dermatology medical device for our clients.

We will always develop products that customer concerns it is value and provide "one-stop service systems" ranging from design, manufacturing, assembly and quality control to testing We will do our best to create the best value for our customers.

ILLUCO’s basic belief lies in "Creating Value for Customers". This is because the products that customers feel are valuable are the products they seek and recommend.