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Dermatoscope IDS-1100
Dermatoscope IDS-1100

IDS-1100, the dermatoscope with excellent optics and bright illumination

Dermoscopy requires a high-quality magnifying lens and likewise high quality light sources that can help with examining skin structures and patterns. The

  • Excellent optical quality
  • 25mm lens with 22mm large field of view
  • very optimized light illumination (32 LEDs)

of IDS-1100 series guarantee you the best performace during your dermoscopy examinations. 

IDS-1100, the Hybrid dermatoscope with cross and parallel polarization light. 

Unlike non-polarized dermatoscopes, which always require contact with the skin and the use of an interface medium(oil immersion), IDS-1100 uses cross-polarized light to reduce surface light scatter.It means, you can examine multiple lesions with IDS-1100 quickly without the need to coat the patient in copious amounts of oil or interface fluid. On the other hand, if you want to use oil immersion during your examination, you also can use it with IDS-1100. IDS-1100 can produce images by both oil immersion and cross-polarization. 

  • Polarized light contact dermoscopy (PCD)
  • Polarized light non-contact dermoscopy (PNCD)
  • Non-polarized light contact dermoscopy (NPD)
  • Non-polarized light non-contact dermoscopy

The capabilities of NPD, PCD and PNCD are not equivalent but complementary. Therefore hybrid dermatoscope IDS-1100 with all the capabilities will be a valuable tool in your diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. 

Increase your diagnostic accuracy 

Improve your confidence in your diagnosis

Remarkable Features of IDS-1100

  • 10 x Magnification 
  • 22 mm wide field of view
  • 3 levels brightness
  • Cross and parallel polarization light source
  • Bright light with 32 LEDs
  • Small Contact plate for examination of narrow and hard reach areas (6mm, 8mm)
  • Smartphone and camera compatibility
  • Protect glass (Contact plate) with easy detachable magnetic mechanism.
  • Automatic shut down after 5 min. idle run
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Function Button
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Function Button
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Focusing Dial
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Focusing Dial
Blue Light Indication for Polarization Mode
Blue Light Indication for Polarization Mode

Blue Light indication for Polarization mode

IDS-1100 has a new indicator that lights up when polarization mode is active. 

This indicator will be very useful to dermoscopy beginners and help to distinguish polarized and non-polarized images. 

IDS-1100C, Dermatoscope with table top charging station

Dermatoscope with table top charging station
Dermatoscope with table top charging station
Dermatoscope IDS-1100C (Cradle Type)
Dermatoscope IDS-1100C (Cradle Type)

IDS-1100C, dermatoscope with table top charging station

We guarantee you not only the excellent optics and bright illumination but also more convenience with IDS-1100 cradle type dermatoscope (IDS-1100C). 

Just set up a position for the cradle on your desk, then your IDS-1100 will no longer float around on your desk. 

There is no safe place for your IDS-1100 as the charging station. 


1. IDS-1100C uses magnetic charging cable while IDS-1100 uses 5pin type. 

2. The higher part with ILLUCO logo is the front. The only proper positioning will allow the IDS-1100 to slide in and settle on the magnet smoothly. 

Small Contact Plate

Use small contact plate for narrow and hard reach inward areas. Small contact plates are useful for examination between fingers, in ears or noses, on folded or angled areas of skin. 

Small contact plates for IDS-1100 are available with 6mm and 8mm. 

Small Contact Plate 8mm
Small Contact Plate 8mm
Small contact plate 6mm
Small contact plate 6mm

Dermatoscope Applications

  • diagnosis of malignant melanoma skin cancers
  • a close up examination of many skin diseases including folliculitis, xeroderma pigmentosum, lentigo maligna, dermatofibroma, scar tissue, vascular supply and a variety of nevus
  • studying normal skin
  • examining diseased skin
  • noninvasive monitoring of skin during a treatment
  • use as a diagnostic tool in a dermatology clinic
  • subsurface examination
  • hair research 

Technical Specifications
Cross Polarization & Parallel Polarization
Lens diameter (Field of view)
25mm (22 mm)
Lens coating
Special BBAR coating
10 x
Brightness Control
3 levels
Adapter for Smartphone
32 ea
Rechargeable Lithium ion 1150mAh / 3.7v
Charging time
3 hours
Continuous duty time
2 hours
Charging terminal
Micro USB 5 pin
New dimensions / weight
138 x 65 x 33 (mm) / 190g
Package dimensions / weight
190 x 190 x 85 (mm) / 520g

Options & accessories (IDS-1100 Series)

Lesions taken by dermatoscope IDS-1100, IDS-3100 Magnum UV+