Manufacturer of precision optics and optical Medical device
ILLUCO is a team of optical experts. We provides on stop service from design to mass production of various optical components. We develop & Customize high quality optical products.
high precision optics, optical lens, prism, optical filter, optical mirror, optics design, customization of optics, optical coating, high quality, high standards, optics assembly.
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ILLUCO Introduction

Thank you for visiting our website

ILLUCO Corporation is a manufacturer of various optical medical instruments and high standards optical components. Further we own high advanced optical coating technology in addition.

ILLUCO is a team that consists of high qualified and professionally skilled optical engineers.

We provide “One-stop service System” and our high-performance solutions cover the complete process chain from design, manufacturing, assembling to quality control and testing. It means, we are capable of support and guide you from the first idea to the cost effective Production through competent consultations and solutions.

If you are with ILLUCO, you will feel easy and your requests never will remain unhandled.

Our Promises
We do our very best to deliver high standards and defect free products on time and take responsibility for our products till the end of their lives.


Company Name
ILLUCO Corporation Ltd.

Address of Headquarters
104-505 SK Ventium, #166 Gosan-ro,
Gunpo-si, 15850 Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Manufacturing (Optical Medical
Devices and Components)

Target Industries
Optical Medical Instruments,
Optical Components, Optical Lenses,
Prisms, Filters & Mirrors, Optical Coating,
Optical Assembly, Diagnostic Devices

Main Service
High precision Optical components,
Optical Coatings,
Optical Design & Assembly

Target Markets

Company Divisions
Administrative and Finance,
Production, International
Sales and Support, Marketing,
R&D, Technical Services

State of Incorporation

Best-selling products, Brands
high precision Optical Lenses (customization)
with design