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Quality Evaluation & Control

Quality Evaluation & Control

Ensuring quality is of utmost importance!
Each component represents the end-product of a complex manufacturing process and ILLUCO does its best to ensure the quality of every step, from design stage to the final manufacturing processes including planning and development validation, turning design blueprints into prototypes, performance testing to the final mass production.
We go a step further and do our best to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy a comfortable, problem-free and high effective appropriation of our products.
Therefore our primary objective is to enable speedy improvements and refinements when quality issues arise.
Quality is a key attribute in establishing brand value and quality improvement is a never-ending process, and is well integrated into our product development and production processes.

Quality Evaluation Equipments

  • Interferometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Form Talysurf PGI 1230
  • Nikon Autocollimator
  • Surface reflection measuring instrument
  • Centering Microscope

Process of Unique Customization

Unique Customization process

Quality Control Process

Qualified Suppliers
Communication with
>> Improvement

Procuring Materials

Receiving Materials

Inspection of Materials

Parts Processing

Inspection between

Assembling Production

Tool Testing
Performance Test
Every Tool

Stock Control

Delivery Inspection