Skin Examination Magnifier with UV Light (Wood's Lamp)
IDS-3100 "the Magnum" 4 in 1 Magnifier Wood's Light & Pre-Dermoscopy Examination device with high precision optics. Professional skin examination device.
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MAGNUM (IDS-3100), 4 in 1 Skin Examination Magnifier with UV Light (Wood’s Lamp)


MAGNUM IDS-3100, 4 in 1 Skin Examination Magnifier, PRODUCTS, PRODUCTS

About This Project


4 in 1 Skin Examination Magnifier with UV Light (Wood’s Lamp)

For Wood’s Lamp and Pre-Dermoscopy Examination

  1. 365nm UV Light

  2. 395nm UV Light

  3. Polarized Light

  4. Non-polarized Light

Primarily, Magnum is a new concept of UV skin screening magnifier that perfectly compensates for the inconvenience of conventional Wood’s lamps.

Moreover, Magnum has completely resolved the weakness of the existing UV LED Magnifiers and created perfect UV fluorescence images.


Secondarily, Magnum is equipped with polarized & non-polarized light modes, allowing quick examinations of pigmented skin lesions prior to precise analysis using a dermoscopy.