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Filters & Mirrors

Filters & Mirros

The reproducible management for surface precision, appearance standard and coating are important factors in determining the quality of filters mirrors.
Precise both-sided grinder is used for processing to guarantee the flat surface accuracy.
We can exert powerful function in accordance with various implementation abilities regarding surface flatness and coating. Capable of responding to customers’ requests by being equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technologies for coating design.


Optical Mirror : Laser Equipment


Optical Mirror : IR


Band Pass Filter


Color Filter

Technical Information

Filters & Mirrors Color, Band Pass, UV, IR Cutoff, Dichroic, Polarizers...
Diameter & Center Thickness Tolerance ± 0.001 mm
Surface Quality 20 – 10 ~ 0-0
Surface Accuracy 1/2λ ~ 1/20λ
Clear Aperture 90%~100%
Angle Tolerance 5 ~ 30 “ Arc Second
Coating On customer’s request