optics assemblies / optical assemblies / high precision optics
Optical Assemblies includes a number of products designed to assist in constructing an optical system. Optical Assemblies contain an assortment of components as well as kits designed to meet many common optical or laser needs such as mounting, alignment, beam manipulation, or focusing. Optical Assemblies are often less expensive alternatives to using multiple components when designing optical systems.
Optics assembly, illuco, camera sub-assembly, medical instruments, objective lens, eye pieces, achromatic lens kits, LC fixed YAG beam expander, mounted achromatic lens pairs, plano-convex
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Optical Assembly

Optics Assembly

Assembly technologies for various products, by operating perfect assembly system with application of profound experience.
Dealt with more than 200 cases regarding the parts manufacturing, assembly and production of medical optical instruments, vision equipment, optical instruments for security, and optical instruments for defense industry Experience the company that produces various products.

Optics Assembly
Optics Assembly

Camera sub assy’

Optics Assembly

Medical Instruments

Optics Assembly

Objective Lens

Optics Assembly, a precision work


Technical Information

Filters & Mirrors Color, Band Pass, UV, IR Cutoff, Dichroic, Polarizers...
Diameter & Center Thickness Tolerance ± 0.001 mm
Surface Quality 20 – 10 ~ 0-0
Surface Accuracy 1/2λ ~ 1/20λ
Clear Aperture 90%~100%
Angle Tolerance 5 ~ 30 “ Arc Second
Coating On customer’s request