Dermatoscope IDS-1100 has the best optical quality and high resolution
IDS-1100 developed by optical experts. The best optical quality, high resolution, large field of view. The best dermatoscope for your skin examinations. Best for early detection of Skin Cancer.
Dermatoscope, Dermoscopy, Skin Cancer, Skin lesions, skin examination, melanoma, IDS-1100
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Dermatoscope IDS-1100

The Dermatoscope, reinvented by Optical Experts

IDS-1100’s best optics, large field of view, highly optimized light illumination guarantee you the best performance in your dermoscopy examinations.

Hybrid dermatoscope with polarized and non-polarized light illumination

  • Polarized light contact dermoscopy (PCD)
  • Polarized light non-contact dermoscopy (PNCD)
  • Non-polarized light contact dermoscopy (NPD)

The capabilities of NPD, PCD and PNCD are not equivalent, but complementary. Therefore, hybrid dermatoscope IDS-1100 with all the capabilities will be a valuable tool in your diagnosis of pigmented and nonpigmented skin lesions, increasing the clinical diagnostic accuracy and improving your confidence in your clinical diagnosis.


Dermatoscope IDS-1100
Dermatoscope IDS-1100

The Remarkale Features of IDS-1100

01. Outstanding Ergonomics and modern shape

Outstanding ergonomics was a fundamental requirement during designing the IDS-1100.
IDS-1100 has operator’s comfort in basic.
– All the functional buttons and focusing wheel are there where your fingers placed.
– The ideal size and shape of IDS-1100 offers you comfortable one hand handling.
– The modern design of IDS-1100 will make you feel more professional during your daily work.

With IDS-1100, your work becomes less tiring and your working process becomes more efficient.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 functional buttons
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 functional buttons
02. Bright LED illumination lights with 3 levels’ brightness control

32 LEDs are mounted on the IDS-1100. The optimum number of LEDs for the type and usages.
The half works for non-polarized illumination and the other half for cross-polarized illumination.
For light-sensitive eyes, we added 3 levels’ brightness control mechanism.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100
Dermatoscope IDS-1100
03. Polarized light illumination

A probability of misdiagnosis in detection of nodular melanoma or featureless melanoma may result from using a non-polarized light dermatoscope.
If you have a non-polarized light dermatoscope,
it is necessary to apply immersion fluid to get polarized image.
IDS-1100 has switchable non- and cross-polarization mode and you can switch the mode with simple button click.
In polarization mode, the polarization filter becomes activated and absorb the surface light reflection (no immersion fluid required).
Now you are able to examine the colors, shapes and texture features of the skin lesion
– more clearly
– more precise and
– more in detail

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Polarization mode button
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Polarization mode button
04. 10 x Magnification and 25mm wide field of view (Aperture)

10-times magnification and 25mm wide aperture offers you an enough range of view in your examination.
In fact, the most IDS-1100 users have confirmed its comfort.

* IDS-1100 has exact 10-times (not rounded) magnification.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100
Dermatoscope IDS-1100
05. Easy detachable protect glass for the lesions that shouldn’t be touched

There are also open, itching or burning skin lesions and such lesions shouldn’t be touched during the examination.
Handle the case easy with IDS-1100.
Detach the protect glass and examine the skin lesion as you do always.
The protect glass has magnetic ring inside. It is therefore easy to attach, easy to detach and easy to clean.
The quality of the examination remains the same whatever with or without the protect glass.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Protect Glass
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Protect Glass
06. Smartphone connection kit

Smartphone adapters are available for camera support.
Fit your phone in an appropriate smartphone adapter, Clip your IDS-1100 on the smartphone, and then use your photography app to show & capture the image.
The connection kits are available for iPhone, Galaxy and Galaxy Note and compatible only with IDS-1100.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 and Skin Cancer Detection
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 and Skin Cancer Detection
07. Easy maintain and hygiene

Basically the protect glass keeps your IDS-1100 clean and safe. For internal cleaning, take off the protect glass with your finger nail. Cleaning is very simple but please discreetly follow the indication in the operating manual.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Composition
08. Automatic Shut down

The IDS-1100 is designed to shut down the power automatically after 5 minutes idle run.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Automatic Shut down & USB charging system
Dermatoscope IDS-1100 Automatic Shut down & USB charging system
09. High-Quality but Affordable

The best marketing strategy is to strive to be competitive via a mix of quality and pricing.
Concerning quality,
IDS-SERIES was designed and developed based on
+ years of research
+ experience & skills accumulated over many years.
Concerning Pricing,
we are capable of providing “one-stop service system” that covers from design to quality control. It is the key to competitive pricing
“Now you can get a high quality device at a competitive price!”

Dermatoscope IDS-1100
Dermatoscope IDS-1100


  • For diagnosis of malignant melanoma skin cancer.
  • For a close up examination of many skin diseases including Folliculitis, xeroderma pigmentosum, lentigo maligna, dermatofibroma, scar tissue and vascular supply, and a variety of nevi.
  • For studying the normal skin
  • For examining the diseased skin
  • For noninvasive monitoring of the skin during treatment
  • For use as a diagnostic tool in the dermatology clinic
  • For subsurface examination
  • For hair research
    Images of hair captured by dermatoscopes, can be processed using special software to count hair density, diameter, and hair growth rates.
  • etc.

Competitive Advantages

Subject Rival Product
Model 1
Rival Product
Model 2
Rival Product
Model 3
Polarization Cross Cross & Non Cross & Non Cross & Non patented Polarized
Optics composition Ø25 10X Ø25 10X Ø25 10X Ø25 10X Identical
Field Of View 16mm 16mm 16mm 22mm 40%↑
Depth of FOCUS 0.8 0.8 0.8 1.2 50%↑
Resolution 75LP 75LP 75LP 95LP 27%↑
Focus mode Difficult to adjust and fix Difficult to adjust and fix Difficult to adjust and fix Easy fousing & fixing Easy fousing & fixing
No brightness
No brightness
No brightness
3 level's brightness
3 level's brightness
illumination 0.02mW 0.02mW 0.02mW 0.01mW up to 5x higher
Design small size small size small size substantially
enhanced grip
enhanced grip
Battery DC Adapter
DC Adapter
USB Rechargeable USB Rechargeable USB Rechargeable
Reticle 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm identical
WARRANTY 5years 5years 5years 7years 2 more years

Technical Specifications

Polarization Cross & Parallel
Aperture 25mm
LBD Coating Yes
Magnification 10 x
Brightness Control 3 Levels
Adapter for Smartphone Yes
Function buttons Polarization Mode Change (Cross&Parallel)
Brightness Control
Battery Rechargeable lithium ion 1150mAh/3.7v
Charging time 3 Hours
Continuous duty time 2 Hours
Charging terminal Micro USB 5 pin
Net Dimensions / Weight 138*65*33(mm) / 190g
Package Dimensions / Weight 190*190*85(mm) / 520g