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For Coating, we use the deposition technique of high precision vacuum coating chamber with E-Beam Head. based on our wealth of experience in development of various kinds of optical instruments and our unique possibilities in deposition techniques allow us to produce from single layer to multilayer coatings up to 150cm in length with a large variety of material combinations and designs.
We use a Spectrophotometer with 200 ~ 3000nm high precision optical measurements, flat measuring instruments, Spherical Surface Reflexibility Measuring instruments and center & outskirts comparators, etc. in order to provide our customers high quality and trustful coating results.

Thin film deposition technology that meets customers’ diverse demand within tolerance of 1nm wavelength and 0.1% penetration ratio parts supply system through strict quality control.
It is crucial to secure the technologies and reliability in the thin film deposition process that may control the complete coating process for optics within tolerance of 1nm wavelength and 0.1% penetration ratio experience the
system that supply optimal parts through strict quality control.





Technical Information

Coating Laser, UV, Narrow Band . Hybrid, IR Cutoff, AL, Ag, Cr
Chamber size Ø1050 ~ Ø 1500
Optical equipment Spectrophotometer, Lens Reflectance measuring instrument